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ZER01NE DAY 2019 Website


ZER01NE DAY는 오픈이노베이션 플랫폼 ZER01NE에서 스타트업과 기업, 예술가가 협업하여 만들어낸 1년의 결과를 공개하는 전시이자 축제입니다. 일상의실천은 모든 것의 무경계 (BORDERLESS in EVERYTHING)라는 주제로부터 파생된 이미지를 그래픽 아이덴티티로 ZER01NE DAY 2019 웹사이트 작업을 진행했습니다.  다양한 형태의 행사를 각각의 특징에 맞게 보여주고 검색과 필터링, 오디오 가이드 등으로 현장에서 도슨트의 역할에 충실할 수 있도록 했습니다.

디자인. 권준호, 김경철
개발. 김경철, 최인

ZER01NE is an open innovation platform where different perspectives converge to create questions and find answers. ZER01NE DAY 2019 presents the results of the past year as creative minds who create questions from people, society, and life concerns, start-ups that translate questions into real-life, and find answers through quick action, and connect and share various questions and answers with people-centered social values. We have designed and developed a website that reflects the theme of ZER01NE DAY 2019 called “BORDERLESS in EVERYTHING,”. The website is designed to show various forms of events to each feature and to faithfully perform the role of docent in the field with search, filtering, and audio guides.

design. Kwon Joonho, Kim Kyung-chul
development. Kim Kyung-chul, Choi In


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